Advertising Online: Bold Listings

After free online business listings bold listings are the one of the cheapest yet most productive online advertising methods for small businesses both in the UK and abroad. Simple in format and containing all relevant contact details including full address, company name and website address, bold listings contain everything a potential client needs to contact you.

At a very inexpensive rate bold listings should be considered by any company looking to buy online business advertising in the UK, especially at a time when more and more individuals and companies are going online to source business services. As traditional advertising mediums such as newspapers decline in usage and the cost of television and radio ads rises, it makes good business sense for UK companies to invest online.

Business search directories offer companies everything they could want in terms of online business advertising as they can provide a range of business listings each with different features and prices. From free and bold listings to complete full page and banner advertisements, business services have never been easier to find online.

If you are interested in booking a bold listing then please either book online or email us at


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Online Advertising: Small, Medium or Large Ads

When it comes to advertising online there are many different types of adverts available to you which as per usual all depend upon how much money you are willing to spend. Other issues that can have an effect on the type and scale of online advertising you choose include the business sector you are in and who your target audience are as well as how well known your company is and how important your location is to the service you provide.

For example, an office supplies company with national delivery abilities will not be too bothered about targeting specific geographical locations where as a local roofer base in Birmingham would probably be wasting their time and money targeting a national audience. But if the internet is an all reaching global medium why do factors such as location matter in your online ads?

Firstly they matter because even though the internet is global, your company may not be so it would be no good attracting interest in America if you can only supply or provide your products and services in the UK. For this reason it is well worth trying to buy online business advertising in the UK through a business directory. Online business directories offer targeted search facilities whereby users can filter search results based on geographical locations should they choose to.

But what does this have to do with the size of the size of your online ads? Essentially, the bigger the advert or business listing the more expensive it will be so if you are going to invest in a full page advert you need to be sure that you are putting it in a good position for relevant web users to see it.

Again online business directories are a great way to ensure that your large advert is seen as the users of directories are actively searching for your products and services (as indicated by their directory search) and all you have to do is make your advert stand out against the many other companies offering the same service.

The very same can be said for small or medium sized ads as long as you put them where they are going to found you should see some success. However, it is also important that you consider which business sector you would like to appear in as there would be no point in advertising your business services in a B2B directory if you only supply to non-commercial (the general public) would there.

Your industry sector is also vital to guarantee that you receive genuine relevant enquiries as many businesses looking to buy online business advertising list themselves in the wrong sectors. This is potentially damaging as many online business directories are categorised into industry sectors in order to help web users find exactly what they are looking for quickly.

In general terms then whether you choose to buy online advertising on a large or small scale it is likely to be beneficial for your business especially if your ads appear in quality online business directories like the one here at Searchme4. To buy online business advertising from Searchme4 please click here.

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Small Business Information: It’s there you just have to find it!

Ok, so you need to find the contact number for an office cleaning services provider in your local area but your only a small company so are looking to give a small local firm a chance. But where should you start looking? Traditionally you could source local suppliers and service providers through local media and newspapers or paper business directories.

In today’s world the best place to go even for small business information is online and more specifically in online business directories. Online directories provide a mixture of free and paid advertising solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes and the local search options make them ideal for finding and advertising the business details for smaller businesses that want to target specific areas in the UK.

Another point to consider is that online business directories usually offer free business listings which makes them even more appropriate for small or medium enterprises as these are the companies that will not have as much money to spend on advertising in the first place. The free listings are diverse enough to supply web users with enough small business information to contact the company in question as well as provide a link trough to their website (if they have one).

Online business directories also enable small companies who may not yet have a website to promote their companies online. The directories purpose is to provide small business information to both potential buyers and supplier so even if you don’t have a website a potential customer could find your business details online and contact you via your address or telephone number should they wish to hire you.

Essentially then you can find small business information in a number of different places but one of the most highly recommended is online in an online business directory like the one here at Searchme4!

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Advertising Online: Banner Ads

Banner advertisements are colourful and noticeable adverts that run across the length of a computer screen either horizontally or vertically. Designed to draw a web user’s eye towards them, banner advertisements have proven to be a very successful way to promote business services online.

A carefully crafted and thought out banner ad in an online business directory could potentially improve your sales as the relevant traffic viewing your ad will be actively searching for your business services improving your chances of catching their eye.

Banner advertisements at Searchme4 are available across all classifications and prestigious positions and are well worth the investment should you want your company to appear as the dominant player in your business sector. Banner ads also take pride of place above all other listings increasing your chance of being noticed.

But what makes a banner ad in an online business directory so effective? Firstly, most banner advertisements are colourful and contain company logos alongside all other business details. For companies and businesses using a business finder platform this makes their search for business services much easier.

This is because they are presented with all the details they need to make a business enquiry in one clear and concise banner ad with no need to search around for a contact address or telephone number. For the companies advertising this means that their chance of attracting new business leads are improved.

Banner advertisements also tend to take pride of place on a web page in a prime position or in a position where a web users eyes are typically drawn too and a position that is well worth paying for. To buy online business advertising or to book a banner here at Searchme4 please contact

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Online Advertising: Business Cards

The hype surrounding online advertising has led to an increased number of UK companies increasing their online marketing budgets in order to find more business. With so many businesses now going online for either business promotion or as a fully functioning e-commerce store, getting found amongst the crowds is not always easy for the smaller companies who have less money to invest.

In order to find the best ways to advertise online it is first necessary to go back to basics. When looking to hire another companies business services there is some essential information needed to start the communication ball rolling. In a traditional (and still hugely popular and necessary) sense, the humble business card has been used as a communication channel between companies for many years and its basic functions are to display contact details in a presentable and memorable manner.

Most business cards contain essential data such as a companies name, the representative’s name, contact phone number, business address and email address alongside a website URL and company logo. Most business cards are also carefully designed to be in-keeping with a company’s image and colour scheme.

Importantly business cards are simple and useful in that they give your potential customers all the details they need to make a decision as to whether to contact you and hire your business services. The beauty of business cards is that they are relatively cheap to produce and can make a lasting impression, especially if you choose to invest in online business card advertisements.

Anyone actively performing a business search online is likely to be confronted with a series of creative and flashy adverts that might look good but will not actively tell the user anything about that company or their business services. A simple business card ad can contain everything your potential audience needs to contact you as well as some room for a relevant description of your company’s best services.

For smaller companies this means that you are getting online promotion with minimal costs and just as many business leads. Although many business directories offer free business listings, paying a little bit more means that your adverts will appear above the free listings improving the likelihood that business users will contact you. 

Business card ads in a business directory are also likely to be found by the right audience as they will appear above the bold and free business listings in most business directories giving you more exposure online. Business cards then whether online or hard copy versions have earned their place in the business advertising world and are definitely worth considering. To book a business card ad here at Searchme4 e-mail at:

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Live Life in the Fast Lane with Searchme4

The internet is incredible. There is no other way to describe it, it has given us one of the most efficient and far reaching communication tools ever to be invented and the fast pace in which it grows and spreads is nothing short of miraculous. But what the internet has also done is put more and more pressure on businesses and organisations to come up with new and innovative advertising campaigns in order to keep up with the fast pace of today’s modern consumers.

With more and more individuals and companies in the UK going online to find business services, not keeping up to speed can very soon leave you trailing behind your competitors and significantly losing out on potential sales. Modern consumers rely on fast business searches to deliver relevant business details and search results within a matter of seconds and many rely on business search engines in order to guarantee this.

Business search engines are capable of delivering fast business search results thanks to years of development and functionality features. Performing a business search in the UK has never been easier with carefully crafted search boxes allowing users to perform a business search based on business sector, geographical location or even company name.

The categorisation and simple design of business search engines makes life a lot easier for web users as it requires less effort from them to perform the search. Web users and modern consumers have ultimately become lazy and significantly less patient, meaning that in order to catch their attention you need to ensure that you are investing in a marketing plan that puts you right where the action is.

Advertising in a business search engine is a simple and effective way to put yourself in the way of passing internet traffic and ultimately leading you to improved sales and profits. With many significant advantages including access to thousands of potential new clients it may be time for you to move into the fast lane and get involved in providing what the consumers want; fast business search facilities in a format they can use easily.

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Searchme4Hotels – For Hassle Free Hotel Promotion

The hospitality industry is notoriously competitive and as such requires a great deal of attention where marketing and advertising are concerned. For the large hotel chains and organisations this is not too much of a problem as their large size is also reflected in their large marketing budgets. But what about the smaller hotels and guest houses across the UK?

Business search directories are a great starting place if you are a hotel owner or a marketing manager charged with promoting a hotel. Whilst at first glance a business directory may seem some what old fashioned and an example of ‘been there done that’ advertising, a closer inspection reveals a tried, tested and still standing advertising medium.

And the reason business search directories are still standing; because they actually work! If you are looking for cheap online advertising that requires little effort from you then business search directories should definitely be your first port of call, especially if you have a limited marketing budget. Many business directories also offer free advertising and business listings providing you with double the benefits.

Another important benefit of business search directories that should not be overlooked is the fact they are a fantastic way to find small business information; something that many UK web users are now aware of and are using business directories for. As a small establishment you have to ask yourself is there really any point in trying to compete with the big players in the hospitality field or would your efforts be better placed on a smaller playing field, where the enquiries you receive are more relevant to the services you provide.

Business search directories are a more targeted version of the major search engines in that enable businesses and private individuals to search for and locate services, products or information relating to a plethora of subjects. But by using a smaller business search engine, consumers are know realising that they can get more relevant and targeted results much quicker, which is good news for those listing in business directories.

As the way consumers actively look for hotels and other services changes so to do the ways in which the hotels promote themselves but as the old saying goes ‘why fix something that isn’t broken’ and this is exactly the case with business search directories.

Do they provide a cheap and easy way to advertise your hotel? Yes! Do they allow web users to access small business information quickly and conveniently? Yes! Do they help bring more paying guests to your hotel? Yes! So why ignore a perfectly reliable business promotion opportunity – for more information on how to get your hotel listed in one of the UK’s finest business search directories visit

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